What’s the Effective Way to Keep Healthy Teeth

The dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease are some of the most common human dental problems. The dental problems are the most common health problems that are experienced by us nowadays. Poor nutrition is always the best result of dental problems. However, the dental problems like bad breath and dry mouth are the symptoms of various other serious health problems.

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching( teeth whitening lamp ) used to be something only the rich or famous used as the cost ran into thousands of pounds or dollars. As the industry progressed, dentists started using laser treatment, but this was still relatively expensive. Then home teeth whitening kits and systems came out onto the market at a fraction of the cost.

You can now get white teeth’s faster by using high quality health products. Today’s products would help enhance your white and bright smile. People now and then have to face a lot of dental problems that they frequently undergo expensive dental professional services. However, finding the right dental lab can also be tricky at times as there are so many labs to offer dental care to people. A good dental lab would possess all the latest dental lab equipment to ensure that consumers are given high quality treatment with dental handpiece.

Even tooth whitening should be discussed with your dentist. You may be a good candidate for an in-office whitening procedure that will give you bright white results in a fraction of the time a whitening tooth paste could take. This is especially useful if you want your pearly whites even whiter for a special occasion. Your dentist can let you know what options are available at their office such as a laser whitening treatment or bleaching, or they can recommend an over the counter product that is best suited for your needs.

The most advanced looking space-age technology based toothbrush may still not provide for you the cleaning your mouth needs for healthy teeth and gums. Before investing in a really cool looking toothbrush that you think will blast away food particles and plaque, talk to your dentist to get his or her recommendation on the best toothbrush that is perfectly suited for you. Your dentist can also recommend the right toothpaste and floss to partner with your toothbrush. In all, you may not need to spend a lot of money on fancy products.


How to Keep the Cleanliness of Dental Handpiece

We offen use the dental equipment to do the dental practice. But do you pay attention to their cleanliness? You should know it is very important. Today we talk how to keep the cleanliness of dental handpiece.

Dental handpiece having means for opening and closing a chuck. A device for opening and closing a chuck for a dental handpieces has a handle portion and a powerhead assembly including a hollow driving shaft having, adjacent to its outer orifice, a forwardly outwardly tapering portion defining a small diameter rear portion and a large diameter front portion. A chuck pusher is held in a socket member with a disc plate spring interposed between the socket member and the chuck pusher, and the pusher is movable for axially displacing the chuck to hold or release the dental tool.

Wipe down the handpiece with a damp disposable cloth. If there is still some bioburden left on the handpiece, clean under running water using a brush. A mild detergent is acceptable. Be sure that all bioburden is removed before proceeding to the next step as it can act as a protective sheild for microorganisms in the dental autoclave.

Using a pen droplet oiler (Pen Oil), insert 2-3 drops of oil into the drive air tube.  Insert a drop of oil into the chuck and speed ring (if available) of the handpiece. Because there are many different types of motors in the industry,  this image (left) guides you to how much lubrication to apply and to what parts of the dental micro motor. Approximately once a month or whenever you see a lot of debris build up; be sure to clean the handpiece threads with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol. Wipe down the exterior of the handpiece with a dry towel to remove any expelled fluid or debris. The handpiece should be completely dry at this point.

Unused handpieces and handpieces which had been exposed to clinical dental procedures were contaminated with Streptococcus mutans, exposed to steam or ethylene oxide, and flushed with sterile saline. Washings were plated on mitis-salivarius agar, and colonies identified and counted. This data suggests that a substance entrapped within ‘clinical’ handpieces (possibly the biofilm) may protect bacteria from ethylene oxide gas, preventing adequate sterilization.

One used dental handpiece from each hospital or department of stomatology in general hospital selected was detected for possible contamination of bacteria by aerobic bacterial count and CONCLUSIONS: dental handpieces without anti-suction should be replaced soon by those with it or comprehensive dental unit with anti-suction device should be used. Used dental handpieces must be sterilized effectively before next use. Awareness on prevention from cross-infection should be improved for dental-care professional staff and operation of sterilization should be standardized.

Tips on How to Choose Right Dental Handpiece

With the market for dental handpiece for sale more and more and various manufacturers have the focus of publicity and selling, let us see things in a blur and make buy dental handpiece bit of difficult. Faced with so many choices here we could share with you some suggestion, if written in the wrong place, please forgive. First of all, must pay attention to the following four basic principles:

1.Work efficiency

Efficiency: Everyone has different preferences for this point of the pursuit. The pursuit of the perfect doctor friends can refer to the following main points work efficiency properties.

1) Handpiece power: More power and torque is larger which is similar with root motor displacement.

2) Handpiece coating materials and the antiskid design: hand feeling is very important and only your own experience to make a choice.

3) Weight must be evenly distributed after handpiece is connected to the pipe. And gravity balance point position is not good if before or after the side.

4) Head and body angle: angle effects on operation greatly especially for the posterior area and limited mouth opening in patients, improper angle will make it difficult to work.

5) Handpiece noise: more quiet and better.

6) Handpiece optical brightness: with natural light is close to the best.

7) Whether it is fast connecting type: many of the strengths, however, your point.

8) Whether it is pressing type chuck: though thimble type chuck as pressing type convenient, some pressing type chuck clamping force is not enough, this must be careful.

9) Handpiece maintenance materials and methods: This is the most easily overlooked problem. Many people buy handpiece but not maintenance, seriously affected the performance of handpiece.

2. Service life

This is our everybody attention performance. If the handpiece is often a problem, affect work efficiency, affect mood, decided to use the life to have the following:

Origin: brand, brand is very important, producing area is also very important. The same brand in different parts of what is produced may be different. We all know major manufacturers around the plant, however, their core technology may be reserved. Therefore it is best to buy big brands which is the original production of handpiece. Bearing material and process: first look at the brand. Normally steel ball bearings is not good as ceramic bearing ball, but poor ceramic bearing not so.

high speed handpiece or low speed handpiece internal pipe material and process: It is not open for public, for bulk purchase, can let the manufacturers display the internal structure.