With the market for dental handpiece for sale more and more and various manufacturers have the focus of publicity and selling, let us see things in a blur and make buy dental handpiece bit of difficult. Faced with so many choices here we could share with you some suggestion, if written in the wrong place, please forgive. First of all, must pay attention to the following four basic principles:

1.Work efficiency

Efficiency: Everyone has different preferences for this point of the pursuit. The pursuit of the perfect doctor friends can refer to the following main points work efficiency properties.

1) Handpiece power: More power and torque is larger which is similar with root motor displacement.

2) Handpiece coating materials and the antiskid design: hand feeling is very important and only your own experience to make a choice.

3) Weight must be evenly distributed after handpiece is connected to the pipe. And gravity balance point position is not good if before or after the side.

4) Head and body angle: angle effects on operation greatly especially for the posterior area and limited mouth opening in patients, improper angle will make it difficult to work.

5) Handpiece noise: more quiet and better.

6) Handpiece optical brightness: with natural light is close to the best.

7) Whether it is fast connecting type: many of the strengths, however, your point.

8) Whether it is pressing type chuck: though thimble type chuck as pressing type convenient, some pressing type chuck clamping force is not enough, this must be careful.

9) Handpiece maintenance materials and methods: This is the most easily overlooked problem. Many people buy handpiece but not maintenance, seriously affected the performance of handpiece.

2. Service life

This is our everybody attention performance. If the handpiece is often a problem, affect work efficiency, affect mood, decided to use the life to have the following:

Origin: brand, brand is very important, producing area is also very important. The same brand in different parts of what is produced may be different. We all know major manufacturers around the plant, however, their core technology may be reserved. Therefore it is best to buy big brands which is the original production of handpiece. Bearing material and process: first look at the brand. Normally steel ball bearings is not good as ceramic bearing ball, but poor ceramic bearing not so.

high speed handpiece or low speed handpiece internal pipe material and process: It is not open for public, for bulk purchase, can let the manufacturers display the internal structure.

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