Stomatology confident dental unit is an essential medical equipment,in addition to all kinds of public and private hospitals provided outside dentistry,dentists have a lot of good service to the community to start their own private dental clinic for the community to provide professional,personalized of the medical service environment.

cost of dental unit

At present,portable dental unit for sale has some needs,respond to personalized service;portable dental unit features no large-scale comprehensive machinery for the doctors to the countryside,or go out medical treatment to meet basic dental examination and simple treatment then;such equipment manufacturers on the market rarely,no more than 5,the price difference is relatively large;ranging from 2000-20000 yuan,unlicensed products offer 2000 yuan-4000 yuan,the same functions are certified products offer 18,000 yuan,can be a difference of more than 10,000 yuan,mainly because the market is not standardized;medical product pricing system disorder;obtain documents of the manufacturers with domestic manufacturers less expensive to sell products;customers do not feel comfortable buying products without a license,making the domestic portable machine too not widely used.

We are specialized in dealing cheap dental equipments such as vintage dental unit,dental x ray unit,dental ultrasonic scaler,steam sterilizer,light cure,apex locater&endo motor,dental handpiece,dental chair,Intra-oral camera and dental air compressor etc.Most of products with CE approved.

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