LY® Dental Curing Light Wireless LED 1500mw Lamp

Inexpensive, cordless LED curing lights for sale are flooding online shopping sites, and clinicians are asking if they are
worth the minimal investment. In August, CR scientists purchased every unit they could find that was priced less
than $100—eleven total. The following observations were made.
• All arrived in working order and emitted bright blue light.
• Brand names did not match online information; private labeling was obvious.
• There were no manufacturer names or contact information, only online sellers and distributors.
• All had foreign origins and provided little or no local technical support.
• User instructions were poorly translated or missing.
• Many components were generic and fit poorly or were flimsy.
• None had basic electrical or medical product safety certifications.
The following report shows the features and performance of 11 inexpensive LED curing lights and compares them to premium lights with
proven clinical performance.

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