Using real-time intra-oral video and pictures when communicating with patients creates immediate visual impact and can aid in their under­standing of your clinical findings and treatment recommendations.

Historical images of an area captured over time can help tell a story of improvement or decline. This educational support makes an intra-oral video camera essential to your practice.

The DEXcam 4 dental intraoral camera¹ is an ideal addition to your imaging toolkit. It is exceptionally easy to use and delivers excellent quality, tooth decay pictures – all at an attractive price point.

dental intraoral camera usb

Thoughtfully Designed for Usability
The DEXcam 4 intra-oral video camera feels solid and balanced in your hand. The anodized aluminum housing has a high quality, professional aesthetic and adds a degree of durability.
Capture control is directly on the handpiece of this digital intraoral camera. The capture buttons are membrane switches that are highly sensitive and easy to trigger. This aids image clarity as camera movement is less likely.
Capture buttons on both sides make using it effortless for both right- and left-handers.
Freezing the image is done with a single press; saving the image into the patient record is done instantly with a simple press-and-hold.
At the camera end of the cable, a reliable, industrial-grade connector offers quick-disconnect/reconnect functionality. By placing a holder and cable in each operatory,² the camera can be moved conveniently from room to room without disturbing computer ports that may be hidden.

DEXcam™ 4 Intra-oral Camera

Ideal Images for Show-and-Tell
A long depth of field allows you to move closer to a tooth or away from it while the image remains in focus.
This dental imaging equipment has a camera with a tip that accommodates an extra wide aperture that is highly receptive to the illumination from its intensely bright, state-of-the art LEDs.
The intraoral digital camera has been optimized to help ensure images are displayed in natural color tones; and precision-ground glass optics help prevent any image distortion.
A Sony® CCD sensor delivers the highest resolution among the major standard-definition cameras.³ Its 520,000-pixel images are clear and sharp.
Contoured sheaths are custom-made to fit the DEXcam 4. This contributes to image integrity by eliminating the irregularities caused by wrinkled plastic that may occur when using generic barriers.

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