a) Retreatment
Root canal treatment with root canal treatment equipment cases that have failed can be retreated. In most cases this involves repeating essentially the same procedure that was performed originally, with the exception that time must be committed to removing the previously placed sealing materials. We now discuss this topic here: Root canal retreatment.
Your dentist may offer to perform this work, or they may feel that the expertise of an endodontist is required.

b) Tooth extraction and replacement.
Besides retreatment, the only other option for a tooth with failed root canal is extraction and replacement. This option might be chosen because retreatment is impossible, it only offers a low success probability or its cost-effectiveness is questionable.

c) Timing your treatment.
Whatever type of follow-up treatment is chosen should be performed within the time guidelines recommended by your dentist. After performing an examination, they can gauge how much urgency appears to be involved.

Teeth with failed treatment can be unpredictable due to the fact that they frequently harbor infection, which has the potential to flare up (create pain and/or swelling) without warning. As a precaution, you dentist might write you a prescription for antibiotics, so you have them on hand if conditions with your tooth turn to the worse before treatment can be performed.

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