The dental micro motor and dental handpiece are one of the most used equipment in a dental lab, so you should take choose the best one for your practice into considering.

Most dental micro motor come with a corresponding handpiece , however, many vendors also offer a variety handpieces for each motor. Dental laboratory motors are often controlled via foot pedal, although some do offer a hand dial. If space is an issue, there are wall mounted motors. If mobility is important, there are also lightweight compact motors.

dental micro motor

Dental handpiece connection type is most likely “E” couple, as this is the most commonly used. Many electric motors support straight and contra-angle handpieces and some vendors manufacture a system with two motors allowing switching between low-speed and high speed handpiece without removing dental attachments.

There is a large number of laboratory dental handpieces and their corresponding motors on the market. Features vary from handpiece to handpiece but can include; all-in-one turbine, air nozzle and spray, reduced weight and ergonomic design, whisper quiet/ no vibration, high torque, fiberoptics and smooth transitioning while increasing or decreasing rpm’s. So you must consider what features that will be most beneficial to your dental lab as well as what materials your lab works with most frequently When choosing a dental laboratory handpiece and motor.


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