In most cases digital x-ray machines require less radiation to capture the same image than a traditional film x-ray unit. Digital portable dental x rays machine also has a drastically reduced exposure time in comparison and do not require as many scans to capture the necessary view. This means patients are exposed to less radiation and a more pleasant office visit experience. You’ll end up with shorter wait times and happier patients. With more advanced digital imaging technology, scan times continue to shrink, and you can see almost immediately if you captured what you need to see.

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Digital x-rays are much more eco-friendly

We can’t forget the burden the chemicals needed to develop x-ray film place on the environment. Imagine all those harmful chemicals lying around. What happens to them after you dispose of them? No matter “how safe” you are told the disposal process is, they don’t just go away, nor does their impact on the environment.

Film portable dental x ray unit cost you valuable time.

Film radiography is an entire process alongside the actual scan. There are specific steps for film to be developed. With digital radiography all of these steps can be done away with, freeing you and your staff up to see more patients. Think of it this way. It takes around 10-18 minutes for a traditional portable dental x ray unit to be produced, from initial scan to development. Let’s pretend you average 8 patients a day, and assume all images come out perfectly every time with no need for rescan. That means in total, your practice has spent anywhere from 1.5-2 hours in simply developing and production of x-ray films. That’s potentially 1-2 more patients that your practice could see! Of course this also does not include the time it takes to compute these images.

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Better Image Quality and Manipulation make for better diagnoses

Analog x-ray imaging systems are workhorses that continue to produce quality images. However, just as camera lenses have advanced rapidly in the past decade (think about the quality of your camera phone!) so too have digital x-ray sensors. They continue to become sensitive enough to reduce exposure times, while still capturing an image that can be enhanced and altered to best display exactly the information you need to diagnose your patient. Whereas for film, though their quality is still perfectly adequate, there’s no way to enhance images. It can take several scans before a doctor can confidently and accurately make a buy dental equipment online plan based on traditional analog film x-rays. And as we’ve already pointed out above, rescanning with a film x-ray is much more of a hassle than a digital x-ray.

Making an adjustment and rescanning is simple and hassle free. Rather than sending patients away while x-rays develop, dentists can almost instantly see their digital images, cutting down on the time your patients impatiently sit around in the office. The convenience of capturing another image right then and there results in much happier and satisfied patients, eliminates any potential guesswork, and rapidly improves practice efficiency by streamlining the entire portable dental x rays machine process.


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