It is surprise for us that to have good teeth to enjoy the delicious food, Brazilians have a special and more careful way to protect the teeth.

 Need good teeth to bite beef.

According to the research of Brazilian experts, Brazilians pay more attention to their teeth and eating culture. The main food of Brazilian is beef, Brazilian barbecue store is across the country, reporters often see people sitting around a table munching barbecue. Many wealthy families have a barbecue stove, however the general people also have a simple barbecue box. Every weekend,  gathering friends and family at home, drinking beer and eating barbecue, are considered as the most comfortable life by them. However, tough beef meat wears on the teeth and this situation is inevitable, so many Brazilians teeth is not so good. Many Brazilians are with a pair of rabbit incisors, the most representative is the famous star, Ronaldo rabbi’s teeth up.

Local friends jokes that Brazilians are “the same as the protection of their own lives to protect their teeth.” A Brazilian guy told me he brushes his teeth for five times a day: getting up, each time after meals, before going to sleep again. Every time eating barbecue, all Brazilians will brush their teeth as completing the “ceremony”, and they brush quite carefully, often spend 10 minutes each time, no wonder many people use up 4 or 5 toothbrushes a month.

Many people buy the insurance for teeth.

Because eating a lot of meat and many Brazilians loose teeth and suffer from periodontitis, so it is normal and popular that they do teeth check once a year in dental clinic or hospital by china dental supply for the middle and upper classes. Therefore, there are a lot of Brazilian dentists and dental specialist hospital particularly, and dentists earn so much that many young people want to become dentist and this career is one of the most desirable career for young people.

In Brazil, wearing braces is a very common thing that people do not think it will be “unsightly”, you can often see the “braces girl” in the street laughing. They don’t consider put the dental instruments on the teeth is not beautiful, to the contrary, they think it is the symbol of beauty!  And some other countries are different in Brazil, dental disease is included in the list of dental treatment for free of charge, patients don’t need to spend a penny at the dental public hospitals. But the Brazilians are still not satisfied, in order to well protect the teeth, they don’t hesitate to spend money on their dental insurance to insurance companies for a variety of specialized species. According to the reporter, the general health insurance is 700 reais for a month (about $ 350), but if they want to buy the dental insurance, there is more 100 reais they need to pay. However, the Brazilians are willing to spend the money, even if the income is lower, they would like to not add other items in the list of insurance but dental insurance.

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