Dental cross-infection control principles is to reducing the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the oral treatment, avoiding them contacting with blood, saliva and secretions, and restricting the diffusion of blood, saliva and other secretions to reach the lowest possible level in the environment. If we take a rigorous, high standards of infection control measures to each patient, then we can prevent infection.

Here is the ways to prevent the infection.

1. Using the sterilized dental handpieces.

Physical disinfection method: Back in the 1980s, the American Dental Association recommends the use of pressure steam sterilization. Because dental handpiece has a narrow pipes and cavities, only the heat of strong penetrating power can sterilize best dental handpieces by dental autoclave sterilizer.

2. Preventing water suction

International Centre for Disease Control recommends that:

(1)  Using anti-suction dental handpiece.

Anti-suction dental handpiece has been installed anti-suck back valve in it. Currently many clinics use the 4 hole high speed handpiece which has one more pipe connecting to the internal dental unit, installing the valve at the opening, then it can significantly reduce the level of pollution.

(2) Before or after the treatment for each patient, you should rinse the water way of the dental high speed handpiece for 20 ~ 30s at least. Dental handpeice connects to the dental unit to stage idling, let the airflow rinse the internals, and mechanically wash out those part of the suction substances.

(3) The International Centre for Disease Control and the American Dental Association proposed, should ensure that Dental 3-Way Syringe and hose are rinsed by the flow water for 1-5min before the treatment at least everyday.

3. In areas with better economic conditions, it is recommended for clinics or hospitals to use a specialized and sterilized handpieces for each patient. But in the relatively backward economic conditions of most areas or units, It is difficult that the dentists use specialized one for each patients to some degree, so the normal way of disinfection sterilization is used widely currently.

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