Manual pressure on gauze pack placed over the area can be used by the dentist to arrest the bleeding. The gauze size should be small to just cover the extraction socket. The gauze which is used may be moistened so that the blood doesn’t coagulate in the gauze and blood clot is not dislodged when the clot is removed.

Gauze pack placed on tooth extraction site

If a large vessel is involved, then it can be clamped with a hemostat and is tied with resorbable stitches (3-0 cat gut sutures) If the bleeding is from bone, then absorbable haemostatic gauze or bone wax over the site of bleeding can be placed.

A small amount of blood is mixed with the saliva (Or spit).  So the patient should not freak out about the amount of blood loss he is having.

After the tooth extraction procedure, the patient is advised to firmly bite (not chew) on the gauze for at least 30mins. The gauze should be held in mouth for 30-45mins. The patient should not talk for a minimum of 2-3 hrs after the tooth extraction.

Slight oozing of blood may occur up to 24hrs after the extraction. It is considered to be normal. There might be some oozing of the blood at night from the extraction site and the patient may have blood stains on pillow after the tooth extraction. There is nothing to be worried about it. The bleeding will stop on its own.

After the wisdom tooth removal, bleeding may occur up to 3 days. Bleeding and oozing of blood from the extraction site, 3 days after the wisdom tooth removal is considered as normal. However after 3 days, the bleeding should be very less or barely noticeable.

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