Bleeding refers to loss of blood or escape of blood which occurs from the circulatory system. Bleeding after tooth extraction procedure is normal. Gauze pack is given by the dentist after the tooth extraction to control the bleeding. The patient is instructed to bite on the gauze pad for 30-45 minutes after the tooth extraction procedure.

Profuse Bleeding during Tooth Extraction Procedure
Excessive, profuse bleeding can occur during the extraction procedure if there is accidental tearing or cutting of the large artery or vein. Laceration of inferior alveolar artery or vein during attempted root removal can cause profuse bleeding.

The bleeding is also profuse in region of inflammation where the tissues are excessively hyperemic.

Profuse bleeding can occur during the extraction if there is injudicious use of suction apparatus or when the wound is wiped excessively which causes continual removal of blood clots.

Patients with high blood pressure and those with bleeding disorders bleed profusely after the tooth removal. That’s why in cases of elevated blood pressure and bleeding disorders, tooth extraction procedure is not performed.

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