What should take into consideration when choosing dental xray unit

Also consider the company from which you are buying the equipment. You should choose a company that is experienced in dental X-ray equipment, that can answer your questions, and that can guide you through the process. If you decide to buy certified pre-owned equipment, you may also want to choose a company that may trade-in used equipment that they sell. That way, when you are ready to upgrade in the future, you can continue to use that company.

BLX-5 Portable Dental Digital Handheld Portable X-Ray Machine System

X-ray tube specifications – the main ones are as follows: anode heat storage capacity (directly affects the system’s effectiveness) and focal spot sizes (the smaller the X-ray tube focal spot size, the clearer the image).

• The generator type and power capacity – high-frequency X-ray generators are preferable since they increase X-ray tube operating life providing maximum safety for patients. Taking the generator power capacity into consideration, you should also remember about the X-ray machine type: portable devices’ standard power capacity may be 3, 6, 15, or 30 kW; stationary X-ray machines’ power capacity range on average from 40 kW to 80 kW. Moreover, the more powerful the generator is, the less exposure time it takes, and consequently, the less radiation patients are exposed to. The Philips Practix Convenio portable dental X-ray unit system with 30 kW power capacity and the Siemens Axiom Luminos TF Eco stationary X-ray machine with 65 kW power capacity are excellent options of respective types.

• X-ray tube mounting types – stationary machines have two mounting options: floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted X-ray tubes. Floor-mounted ones are certainly cheaper to install, and do not require specific room dimensions. But if you expect a large patient stream, it would be best to devote some more funds and purchase the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube because it is more reliable and much easier to use. Siemens Multix Top may be regarded as a desktop X-ray machine.

• An X-ray table is an essential part for any stationary machine. There are tables with either fixed or adjustable height. If the table can move vertically, it’s possible to adapt the X-ray system to examine patients with restricted movement capabilities, as well as for patients with serious medical conditions. The maximum load on the X-ray table is an equally important feature. Most systems allow examining patients with a body weight of up to 200 kilograms. However, some manufacturers produce machines with X-ray tables withstanding even 290 kilograms load and higher.

After having practiced dentistry for nearly four decades, I have seen many new types of materials and equipment come to market. I have personally experienced the old adage, “you live and you learn.” Digital radiography is one of my recent discoveries. After having seen the advantages it offers, I wish I had switched years ago.
If you’re new to digital radiography, you might not be sure about where to start when choosing a system to purchase. Here are four things to consider if you’re thinking about making the investment.

Tips on How to Choosing Dental Digital Xray Machine