The Teeth Whitening Machine KY-M 208AB Handling Instruction

Today we would like to share the Machine Handling Instruction For Bleaching System KY-M 208AB to you. Please follow the below instruction to operate the teeth whitening machine.

Saab® Teeth Whitening LED Bleaching System KY-M209A

1.Put the attaching plug of the bleaching system into the power socket, and then open the power switch of the bleaching system, and at the same time the screen of the machine will turn on, and it will show every parameter before closing the machine last time.

2.Press the key of “TIME”, the showing time will shine, at that moment you can adjust the time by the key of up(▲)and down(▼),when you press the key for one time, it will increase or decrease 1 minute, and the maximum range for the adjusting time is 30 minutes, you can set the whiten time up to the need, after the setting time ,you can press the key of the “TIME” again in order t o fix the setting time.

3.Press the key of “POWER”, the magnitude of the output power will shine, at that time you can adjust the key of up (▲)and down(▼)in order to set the magnitude which you need, when you press one time, you will increase or decrease 10%, the rang of the output power from 40% to 100%, you can select every power you want, according to the need after finishing the custom setup, you can press the key of “POWER” again to fix the power you set.

4.Press the key of “A/B”, LED groups choosing will shine, you can set up the out put require according to your need by the key of up(▲)and down(▼). There are three modes to be chosen: “A” for the upper group; “B” for the lower group; “AB” for both groups. Choose the output require and press “A/B” again to confirm.

5.Press the key “START”, the bleaching system will light, and at that time the bleaching system will work according to the setting demand, and the screen will show the left working time, when the time is up, the bleaching system will close automatic; when you want to stop working in the whiten process, please press the key of “START”.(Note: when the bleaching system stop working , the cooling fan inside the machine will go on working 1 minute to protect the LED pipe and the safety system).

6.There is a thermometer guard unit in the bleaching system, when the temperature of the blue light LED pipe exceed 60℃, the bleaching system will stop working to protect the safety system.

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