Do You Know What Is The Marathon Micro Motor Handpiece

The marathon micro motor  machine  is an instrument made with motor to use like the pencil and used for working with the turning force from the revolving motor up to 35000 rpm. And it is applied to cutting, grinding, polishing. The use of various burs according to the material and working way are available. The products are mainly used for dental laboratory and dental clinic. The use range has been expanded gradually for Jewelry, Nail, Engraving, orthopedics, Industry market, beauty wood carving, egg carving etc.
Marathon micro motor handpiece has many types. One of it is the dental micro motor handpiece.
Marathon micro motor handpiece
In its inclusion, brushless micro motor dental is one of the most popular product.
brushless micro motor dental
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All in all there is a strong trend in the whole world that brushless micro motor will replace carbon brushed micro motor in due time.
With human engineering design, comfortable to operate.
Forward & backward rotating,on & off switch, hand & foot control.
Special material and workmanship, no noise, no vibration and running more smoothly.
Much bigger power, much stronger torque.
Precise speed control system, precise speed adjustment.
Touch panel, more elegant, user friendly design.
With memory and fault warning function, intelligent control system.
Automatic protection against over current, overheating, overloading.
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