The Advantage of Choosing a Proper Dental Aerosol Suction Unit

Dental aerosol is created from the use of compressed air and water in dental tools forming a suspension of solid and liquid particles in a gas.Inhalation or direct contact of dental aerosol can lead to the development of respiratory infections and diseases. The exact makeup and risk of exposure to dental aerosol cannot be measured due to the vast differences from patient to patient. Dental aerosol has been shown to cause airborne bacteria levels to increase by up to four times.

Extraoral dental suction units utilize a self-supportive arm to position near the source with a powerful fan to draw in dental aerosol particles into the filtration system. Thesystem releases the filtered air back into the surrounding room therefore improving the indoor air quality of the dental office. High quality filter options include HEPA Filters (up to 99.97% efficiency on particles 0.3 microns and larger), ULPA Filters (up to 99.9995% efficiency on particles 0.12 microns and larger), and activated carbon filters for chemical fumes. Dental Aerosol Extractors offer numerous benefits over other filtration systems including:

Source Extraction – Self-supportive extraction arm allows the capture hood to be moved closer to the source. Source extraction helps to prevent contamination of surfaces, removes most of airborne particulate, and protects the breathing zone of technicians.
Ductless Design – The system’s ductless design creates a recirculating airflow pattern providing easy installation with no ductwork or required makeup air.
Added Layer of Protection – HEPA or ULPA filtered systems provide an additional layer of protection against airborne bacteria, fungi, and pathogens.
Multiple Filter Configuration – Multiple filters allow for the removal of particulate and fumes (such as mercury and formaldehyde).

The Cost-effective You May Like:

GREELOY External Dental Clinic Oral Aerosol Suction Unit UV-C Irradiation+ Plasma Sterilization GS-E1000

GREELOY External Dental Clinic Oral Aerosol Suction Unit UV-C Irradiation+ Plasma Sterilization GS-E1000

Greeloy External Oral Suction Device
Power suction motor, keeps strong suction
Double active carbon+HEPA high precision filter, 4 quadruple filtering
UV-C Irradiation+ Plasma sterilization(feature fuction)
1.Double active carbon+HEPA high precision filter, 4 quadruple filtering
2.UV-C Irradiation+ Plasma sterilization(feature fuction)–Easily solve harmful substances such as air-liquid droplets, aerosols, cutting dust and odors in clinic or laboratory, greatly reduce the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients, protect respiratory health.
3.Segmented Rotary Arm–Grips that can adjust your desired position is removable, you may adjust direction freely.Strong suction power, equip with wide-mouth suction hood, collect the harmful dusts immediately at the source of your mouth, and suction efficiency can reach 97%.
4.HEPA + Activated carbon Filtration–Two sets of actived carbon+HEPA high precision filter,filtration efficiency up to 99.99%.
5.High-end touch panel–Intelligent CNC panel, full touch buttons, you can adjust the working output power with only just one clicks; digital dial displays operating conditions, it is easy and convenient.

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