Tips on Selecting a Mobile Welding Fume Extractor for Your Denta Lab

Welding fume extraction is a vitally important step in the welding process. Welding creates hazardous fumes which can lead to short and long term health problems if not properly vented. Welders Supply Company has a great selection of high quality Miller and Ace welding fume extractors to keep your job site safe and well vented by removing t harmful gasses form worker areas. Our assortment of welding fume extractors is durable and robust with a long filter life and excellent airflow. Whether you need a small, portable extraction system or a large high volume ventilation system, Welders Supply Company have you covered. These easy to operate fume extractors are an important part of any welding operation. Keep your worksite and workers safe and hazard free with one of our fume extraction systems.

Ruiwan RD1101 90W Portable Fume Extractor System for Manual Solder Laser Making 4 layer Filter

4 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Portable Fume Extractor

One of the main benefits of a portable weld fume extractor is the ability to move it around your facility or weld site with ease. This increases the likelihood of dings and dents, so it’s imperative that the unit be built to last. Look for an extractor with heavy-duty stainless steel cabinet construction featuring 100% welded seams. Welded seams and a durable cabinet will prevent against leaks, and leaks are the enemy of clean air.

Often times, those who are researching portable fume extraction units – such as weld training facilities, small-scale project welders and mobile service people – could benefit from a variety of source capture units to match the diverse nature of the work they perform.

Just because the unit is portable doesn’t mean performance should be sacrificed. While features should be scaled to an appropriate degree, they should not be removed altogether. High-performance blowers and pulse cleaning filters are features you should look for in top-of-the-line portable weld fume extractors.

Welding processes, aside from creating toxic fumes, generate a lot of sparks as well. Portable weld fume extractors should incorporate spark arrestance technology to prevent sparks from turning into full blown fires during the ventilation process. This process is most effectively employed by extinguishing sparks before they have a chance to reach the dust collector and filter media.

Portable Welding Fume Extractor Flexible Head Solder Smoke Filter Absorber Single head MS80

Professional welding workshops utilize welding fume exhaust systems that remove fumes and harmful smoke during all jobs related to welding, including grinding and cutting. Welding processes produce gases and fumes, all of which are extremely hazardous.Welding fumes kill, and there is really only one way to get rid of them and that’s by using an effective welding fume removal system the will get rid of smoke and fumes.You should take the above factor into consideration when selecting a excellent fume extractor. So whether you have a small welding workshop or an operation that involves massive production lines or unique manufacturing processes, there is a welding smoke extraction system that will meet your needs.If you have any problem in choosing dental lab welding fume extractor, you can feel free to contact us at